Welcome to the Beauty of Brains

Update 2017: The blog has gone a long way, including through a domain change. If you wish to read about the current idea of my blog, please read Where did Nomadic Living Room appear from?.

Hi you,Millariina blogger

Welcome to my blog version 2.0. My previous blog was in a huge need of a facelift. The blog used to be like my messy drawer for texts which would have otherwise been left to fill the folders of my computer. I changed the platform and the name and made the blog smarter in many ways.

The Name and the Idea

There are many health/wellbeing/lifestyle “the Beauty of Life” -blogs out there. However, life is not always beautiful and all about beautiful. Many blogs tell you how to be skinny, which make up powder to use and what the blogger ate yesterday. I like those blogs as well, don’t take me wrong. I want to look good, feel confident on my skin, do hell lot of sports and even loose some weight. Those blogs gave me an idea about a blog and a name which would highlight the importance of the other sides of being human.

The phenomenon is much more universal than a few innocent lifestyle blogs. It’s insane how many people forget about other things than looks and money. (There is also the other extreme who can’t agree that aesthetic has value.) Would you really think anyone could truly appreciate you if you look good but your brains are like a trash bin? Of course, it’s not only about what others think.

How about overcoming your skills? How about clever problem solving? How about understanding? How about creating something awesome and improving our world?

How about brains?Zombie woman

I really like brains…

No, not in the zombie way! Brains are the most interesting part of our bodies. Okey, blood circulation, liver and spleen are interesting and important as well but the Beauty of Blood Circulation just sounds creepy and wouldn’t have a strong link to my texts.

I believe that I have a lot of thoughts worth of sharing. Not that I was right always. It actually often scares me to publish texts. It’s like giving my brains to someone and letting them evaluate them freely in the internet. If I hid my thoughts, just because I’m scared, I wouldn’t be truly living my life. I wouldn’t be real.

I write texts very openly and honestly. If I sound provocative, don’t get offended. I’m a human being just like you are. I don’t have anything against other people who respect other people, and the ones who don’t, I’m more interested in the questions of why they behave as they behave.

My Language Dilemma

I have very rich Finnish language. I can express my deepest feelings and finest tones effortlessly with my mother’s tongue. With English, however, it’s slightly harder. I can write fluently but it doesn’t have all the spices, tastes and twists as my sweet Finnish.

Half of my life has been in English for the past few years. I don’t want the borders of my beloved homeland to limit my spirit. I am international, some of my topics are international and many of my friends are international. I can’t think of writing only in Finnish but I can’t express everything with English. 

If you, my dear reader, don’t mind, I shall take the freedom to write with both languages in the beginning. I try to improve English by writing. I probably make some mistakes and I’m happy to hear about them. If I try to polish every text into perfection, you will never see any of them.anatomy-1751138_1280

Welcome and enjoy reading this blog!

Please comment and tell me your opinion, challenge me, ask me questions and give ideas. I love to hear your voice 🙂


Ps. A song recommendation for this topic: Lilly Allen – The Fear.


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  1. Anonymous says: Reply

    Just so you know, finish = to end, Finnish = the language and nationality 🙂 Great idea for a blog!

    1. Thank you! I always mix them. Good that you corrected 🙂

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