Should I Start Writing Again?

Working on laptop at Hubud Coworking space next to rice fields

Hi Guys,

I love you all who have ever made your way to my blog. I’m sorry for neglecting my site for ages again. Not to mention that I work with SEO and this site is not properly optimized! First things first, I need to start writing again.

I’ve got some feedback and friends and acquaintances are asking me to share my experiences and thoughts, as I surely have plenty of them to be shared. Since I started a company on SEO and Google Ads, I worked long hours on my laptop. This leads me to not wanting to spend my free time on it as well.

I try to write an article or two every month. I will change the website so that I can write articles in English as well as in Finnish. Now the site is a mix of languages and that looks bad for the SEO perspective.

Please, let me know on the comments if you wish to read about any specific topic. All of your support encourages me to continue writing.

Thanks for being here!


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  1. hey,
    good you come back here !
    If you want idea for writing, here some topics !
    write about :
    fear : explain about your last fear in surfing, and how you go over it
    woman travel : write about traveling for woman
    FInland : write about your country, what you like and you dislike, compare with other country you visit
    Country : write about your learning about country you visit
    book : write about book you read
    people : write about people you meet, their story
    sport : write about you discovery about sport, and challenge you give to yourself
    habit : write about your job, how you manage your life, productivity, time,
    mindset : write about your mindset ! what you thought 5 years ago is different about what you think today, and it will be different in 5 years !
    I think you have a lot of choice :p
    ( you can duplicate post to medium too… )

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