Where Did Nomadic Living Room Appear from?

An Adventurer

Hi guys! I’ve made few big changes for my website. I took a new domain name and moved the website to WordPress.com to WordPress.org. (For those who aren’t familiar with WordPress, WordPress.org is self-hosted and therefore more advanced than WordPress.com.)

I’ve changed the name of my blog from The Beauty of Brains to Nomadic Living Room. I felt that the Beauty of Brains is too complicated and easy to misunderstand. I felt that I need to change the name almost right after I had created it but I didn’t come up with any good name. Nomadic Living Room feels more down-to-earth.

I was planning my trip to Spain one of these days, wondering about nomad lifestyle and my future. I opened my new Moleskine notebook (not an ad) and saw a text which I had written on the first pages:

“This book is my non-existent living room.”

I don’t have a home right now because I gave away my apartment in Turku and moved to work in Sweden for the summer. I went back to Finland two weeks ago but left again today to Spain. I will be in Spain for some months adventuring, working and learning Spanish.

I like to think about this blog as my non-existing living room. No mater where I go, I have a place which looks like me. A place where I can be relaxed, express myself and discuss with you about new thoughts. Even if I had an irl living room at some point, this website is coming with me with my laptop wherever I end up.

In the future you might be able to enter more rooms in this nomadic virtual apartment but before that, you can read about the lifestyle of a free spirit in Spain.

Be my guest at my Nomadic Living Room!

Please let me know on the comments about how do you feel about these new changes 🙂

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