My 10 Motivations for Exercising

Doing yoga in Africa

I caught myself from writing a long Instagram message to my friend listing down what motivates me for sports. This might be something that helps You to find motivation, so I share the thoughts here. Enjoy!

My own exercising habits: On the past two years, I’ve adopted a bit different way of viewing sports. That has helped me to get awesome benefits out of exercising. For me, a sporty day is a normal day and a day without sports is an exception.

As a default, I do sports every day but if I really don’t have time or I really don’t feel good about doing sports, I don’t do it. Consequently, I do some sports about 4-5 times/week. A great thing in exercising often is that you don’t stress anymore about whether you train or not. You know that you train a lot anyway and will reach physical results sooner or later.

1. Energy Management

Life is more fun when you feel energetic. If you pay attention to how you feel in your body, you can notice how food and exercising affect this. Sugarish sweets generally make you feel tired after a time while a balanced diet gives you energy. Having enough breaks between your work or standing up regularly, helps you to maintain energy.

Doing sports more or less every day gives you energy. That’s why I like to do sports in the morning. Well, I’m a night owl who needs plenty of sleep so my morning means before 12. No need to feel pressure if you don’t like to wake up at 5 AM (that’s overvalued, anyway). Find the rhythm that works for your body and your schedules.

2. Better Sleep at Nights

One reason why I started doing more sports was that I had a struggle getting sleep at night. I figured that if I exercise enough, my body will be so tired that there is no way I can stay awake at nights. We are designed to move and if we don’t use that energy during the day, we will have a hard time having a rest.

3. Feel Happier

Exercising release endorphins that cheer us up. Exercising great tool for maintaining positivity in your life. It also works as a meditation when you get into it. It’s time for yourself.

4. Gain Confidence

According to studies, like this one, the people who do sports are more confident than the ones who don’t. This is connected to the endorphins as well as seeing improvement and overcoming obstacles. Every time you exercise, you prove that you are capable of such things. No pain no gain.

5. Look better

If we stop being superficial, who doesn’t enjoy getting validation and positive attention by their looks from other people? Equally, we give ourselves more validation when we think we look good ourselves. I think this is a totally valid source of motivation, even if it shouldn’t be the only one. It’s good to utilize all of the sources of motivation.

6. Find the Full Potential of Your Body

Did you know that human beings used to hunt down animals by running? Watch this BBC documentary if you didn’t know it. We are designed for walking and running, not for sitting on chairs. When we start utilizing this body as it was designed for, we feel more alive and stay more healthy.

7. Find New Dimensions of Movement

Doing a bridge on the beach in Africa
We are designed to move

This is partly connected to the previous point. Once I started beginner gymnastics a year ago, in a short time I learned: handstand, cartwheel, walkover, backbend, hip circle, pull up, and many other. And damn it feels good! When you practice new things with an open mind, you can find ways to move that you didn’t know you ever could. This gives you freedom. You can do things that other’s can’t. Wait for a bus at squat position (which btw is the natural rest position for human beings), tie your shoelaces without bending your knees and climb up a hill without buffing.

8. Become the Hero of Your Story

Ayane from Dead or Alive
My eternal source of motivation – Ayane from Dead or Alive. I want to be a super ninja too!
Nearly a ninja

Adventurers need physical fitness. If you like exciting stories, as I do, you might find motivation out of them. Sometimes, when I lack motivation, I watch a movie with a cool (female) hero. It reminds me that I want to be as cool as she is. I want to kick bad guys and be admired.

When I was a kid, I played video games. Then I realized that instead of a game, I can play this game of life. In that game, I want to be a cool character because it’s more fun to play with such a character. That’s a big motivation for me to develop myself in every area of life.

9. Feel Stronger and Have Less Fat Slowing You Down

More fat means additional stuff to carry around.
(“fat”by Witches Falls Cotages licensed under CC BY 2.0)

A firm fit body feels better to live in than a soft and lazy body. My body type storages fat quite spreadly around my body. However, I always have big arms no matter what I do. I can only decide whether they are big because of fat or because of muscles. (Yes, indeed, some are ashamed of their belly jelly but I more worried over my arms!) Fat feels sweaty and is on the way. This might sound weird as I’m not really fat but it’s how I feel about it. Muscle stays still and I have more freedom of movement. That’s why I keep on training them and minding what I eat.

10. Become a Kick-Ass Super Grandma

We get stiffer and lose muscle by aging. If you keep using your muscles and training your mobility, you will be young longer. Once you are 80, you are able to tie your shoelaces yourself while your peers need help for it. You are still able to live a full life, not just rot next to a TV.

Become a Super Grandmother!
See you at the gym!

Do these ideas motivate you? If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to link to it or comment on below.

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  1. I so agree with these! Moving my body regularly just makes me feel endlessly better than being inactive for days at a time. 🙂

    1. Thanks Camilla! Moving the body does feel awesome 🙂 Keep on moving and living the life at it’s fullest!

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