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Adventurer's life

Some have asked me about my lifestyle and how did I make my life “as an adventure”. I’ve been travelling a lot all my life but lately I’ve made trips alone, more spontaneously and been working abroad. However, I think that adventuring is an attitude and it doesn’t necessarily require travelling.

Backpacking can be one way of doing adventures, going for places, meeting new people, finding your way out of troubles and learning about new cultures. As long as you don’t only stay at five start hotels, swim in the pool and look for the tourist attractions, it’s easy to find adventures while travelling. Go for hostels, meet people, make crazy trips and go for local experiences rather than just tourist attractions.

Adventuring as an Attitude and Lifestyle

I give you an example: We were hanging out at a school yard with my friend a few years back when suddenly a strange sound started. We could have simply ignored the unfamiliar sound but instead we followed it to a near by forrest. Sneaking through the woods, we found a group of hippies at a fire place, playing digeridoo and other instruments.

Any Finn knows how uncommon it is to talk to strangers in Finland, but we decided to ask to join them. We sat there around the fire place, played instruments and sang together. What had been a very regular afternoon, ended up being an adventure.

Adventuring is about being spontaneous and taking different roads than most people, never knowing what lies ahead but keeping an open mind about it. It requires courage, resistance for uncertantinity and openness for whatever lies ahead. Plus, of course, the willingness to do things a bit differently. Not everyone likes to do that.

Start Adventuring

Have I always lived like this or when did I start doing adventures? Was it a conscious decision? The answer to both of the questions is yes and no.

Being Adventurous

I was bored with the regular predictable lifestyle and feared that I would have to do 9 to 5 job stuck at one place. I escaped the image into novels. I wanted to get a dragon and fly away.

Later, I realised that life is an adventure, even without the dragons. You just have to see the opportunities. I was about 15 years old when I got the biggest understandings. Since then, my life has clearly been drifting torwards an adventurous lifestyle.

Being adventurous is a lot about values. I’ve never been that keen on money and for me the things I do and learn are more important than the things I own. Those are what matters when you’ll one day old look back to your life.

Travellers climbing to the top of a mountain
Sure we could have taken the road to the top like regular tourists but what would have been the fun at that? This was back in Romania 2014.

The Adventures Grew Bigger

My mum used to take us to travels a lot since I was a kid and she has encouraged me a lot to experience. A big thanks of my lifestyle belongs to her.

Burma travels
Travelling in Burma. It was probably the most exotic destination.

Besides of those trips that usually never went as planned, it was hard to adventure as a kid. It is hard to be spontaneous when someone else is giving you the choices. I absolutely prefer adulthood over childhood. If you are under age, keep in mind that you will one day be 23, like me 🙂 You can already start preparing for it by developing skills and thinking.

Once you know what you want and start to make choices to that direction, it will eventually happen. You need to believe in it and try to have people around who can support you.

Creating adventurous life is difficoult. It can be stressfull and it doesn’t fit everyone. I’ve pushed my limits from time to time. As my mother likes to remind, our comfort zone is like an uniform which gets smaller if we don’t try to expand it. The things I did got bigger over time.

Running in Slottskogen, Sweden
An adventure tip: Combine sports and tourist attractions. When you do things out of ordinary, it gives and extra layer of speciality to travelling. Besides, you might get a sudden motivation peak to run five more kilometres than you originally had planned. This one is from Slottskogen in Sweden last summer.

Now I feel that I’m getting close to what I want but I’m sometimes afraid if I can do it or not or if I need to find a new plan. That is the down side of adventures. You never know what tommorrow brings. You just need to keep an open mind about it.

It wasn’t only an accident that I met people who encouraged me to travel. Or that I travelled two weeks with a friend who I had met just a few days before in Nice. Or that I gave my apartment away when I moved to Sweden for summer work. Or that my two past months, I spent surfing in Spain instead of trying to drown myself into my spanish books in order to pass an exam (which I btw passed with flying colours!).

Don’t always be fine with the regular. Except if you like life as regular. Take risks but take them carefully.

Adventure Tips

  1. Be open minded, brave and spontaneous
  2. Don’t only do as other’s do, just because you are scared.
  3. Be creative and do normal things in a new way.
  4. Look for adventuring opportunities actively. Say yes to them!
  5. Write down a clear plan about how will you make things happen. (This works for many things and is still too rarely applied.)

Probably the biggest thing is that you can take risks and accept that it might be great but it can also go wrong. Things tend to get allright even if it first seems like you are in trouble and dont really know where you are going.

I rather regret what i did than what i didnt do, in most cases. Just go and do and enjoy and if it’s not going well, you will fix the situation.

Traveller biking in Burma
Another shot from Bagan, Burma (Myanmar)

How to make life an adventure? Or just tell me that you liked or disliked my post. I’m happy to hear good arguments 😉



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