Homecoming To Finland – San Sebastián, Vol 3

Sunset at San Sebastián

I lived in San Sebastián, Spain from September to November 2017. Before that I lived three months in Sweden. Before that I was a regular student in Finland for the past three years. I’ve been two weeks in Finland soon again, though not in the same town or with the same routines than I had before.

This text is a part of series of posts about my living and working experience in Spain. If you want to know more about the experience in Spain, check out the previous posts Living in San Sebastián, Vol 1 and How Was It to Volunteer at a Hostel – San Sebastián, Vol 2.

What Homecoming?

My home is where my heart is, or simply where I happen to be. Being Finnish and having lived most of my life in Finland, doesn’t mean that my home is in Finland. It’s the country of my roots, not necessarily my home.

I have family and some friends here in Finland. I can see the pieces of Finnish culture in my own behaviour and mind. I can speak this super complex language of Finnish. I can relate myself to the Finnish “sisu” and I like to eat rye bread every once in a while. I can even somewhat understand (but not prefer) the crazy idea of getting way too wasted with alcohol and still thinking that it’s cool.

But I am a world citizen.


I think that we have a chance to break the barriers of fear and misunderstandings of cultural differences at the age of globalisation. I’ve met people from China, Myanmar, Switzerland, USA, Argentina, Spain, Romania, Italy, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Iran, Turkey, Bangladesh and many other corners of the world. I’ve travelled with them. I’ve eaten with them. I’ve worked with them. I’ve fallen in love with them. – And I see more similarities than differences between me and them.

I might see many similarities between me and Finnish folks but I also see differences. What matters more than the nationality, is one’s openness, curiosity and past experiences.

After all, we are all simply human beings; Those exceptionally high developed mammals who like to think highly of themselves, but are often actually just looking for approval from each other’s.

Sunny beaches of San Sebastián
I was made for sunny days. I’ve always been at the risk group to get depressed during the Finnish dark and cold fall and winter.

I love you Finland! I love you Spain!

The Earth is the best home, so where was the homecoming?

I tend to write too long posts so I’m keeping it short this time. If you feel curious, there might be a deeper dive into homecoming coming next week. I’m working on it 🙂

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