Nomadic Living Room entrance is not glorious but it has a heart in it.


Welcome to the House!

This Nomadic website and the Living Room blog is probably the most real home for me. Offline, I go and live where I feel the urge to go and live, but this virtual spot follows me everywhere. It’s nice to have some place of my own anyway.

The house is full of thoughts. Some are great ideas and some surely not as clever. Please continue your journey to my Living Room to make your mind about that. Hopefully, you can find new motivation and things that you haven’t thought about before. Please, let me know what you think on the comments. I enjoy good discussions.


Currently, the house has only two rooms: the Entrance and the Living Room. At the Living Room, you find most of the stuff. (I’m very sorry, we don’t even have toilets here. I hope you can hold your virtual pee.)

I’m just a human being. I’m extremely nervous every time when I publish anything. Originally, I started blogging under another domain and in my native language Finnish. I started it because I felt that I’m wasting my ideas when I left them to the drawer without giving them a chance to flourish. I take it as an honor when anyone reads my texts.

I try my best to express even the deepest thoughts in English here because I want my international fellows to understand as well as the Finnish buddies. If you knew how hard learning English has been for me and how hard I had to work for it (glad I did), you might understand why I hesitated to use it at the early stage of blogging.

Get inspired, challenge me and give new ideas a chance!

With love,


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Written on 26.1.2018