Cry for the Planet

Human beings are walking into their worst environmental disaster. The climate is heating up. Oxygen levels are decreasing in the seas causing disastrous effects to flora and fauna. Rainforests, “the lungs of the Earth”, are being cut down and desertication is threatening our fields. Polar bears are drowning but even more worryingly, the melting of the arctic ice gaps is causing changes in the ecosystem of the seas. This speeds up the global warming and rises sea levels, leaving us less space to live and farm on. Environmental extreme conditions, like droughts, floods and hurricanes, are getting more common. Developing nations will be even less able to supply food to their citizens.

The struggling is likely to cause violence. The ones who have nothing, are the most desperate, and will do anything. Since it’s a globalised world, we have to carry the responsibilities together. We are only as strong as the poorest man or woman on the planet.

Life is dependent on nature
Flood, Sri Lanka 2017.

There is something badly wrong with our values. Most of us are hypocrites (me too?). We think that our actions don’t matter. We think that yes, desertification is bad, but we don’t want to pay more for ecologically produced food. We think that cutting rainforests is nasty, but still we smoke cigarettes. We think that the climate change is the biggest threat of our time but we still work at advertising agencies which promote focil fuel engine cars.

“200,000 hectares of forests and woodlands are cut down each year because of tobaccofarming” – WHO

Woman smoking a cigarette
Do you still think that smoking is cool? You might not be killing only yourself.

They asked me in a voting advice application if I prefer economical growth over preserving the nature. How can we even have such a question? We are nature.

Do riches really matter that much if half of us are dead? Ultimately, do you prefer money over life?

Hurricane Irma throwing a car
Hurricane Irma at Caribbean 2017. Human beings got plenty of natural disasters during the past year. Scientists say it’s not getting any better if we continue like this. What are we going to do?

I think there is something deeply wrong with our capitalistic system. I don’t say it is necessarily the capitalism in itself. There might be a better system which we haven’t got familiar with yet. In any case, the way we apply capitalism today is horrible.

Company’s purpose is to make money. As long as the corporation law says that, our law is not protecting us from disasters. It’s encouraging us to be selfish in order to make the most economical benefit. It encourages us to cut rainforests in order to get more profit. It encourages us to use focal energy instead of more expensive renewable recourceses. It pushed all social responsibility from the private sector to the public sector even though companies form one of the major social forces on our society these days. Not that we wouldn’t have this problem very often in our business thinking anyway. We forget the big picture.

Why wouldn’t we define profit again? (Read more: My Finnish article Yrityksen tarkoitus on tuottaa hyvää.)

Palm oil fruit
Palm oil is a cheap oil used often for example on fast food. They burn down rainforests for the fields freeing enormous amounts of green house gasses and destroying the “lungs of the Earth”. And yet we use it still.

In order to start valuing our nature, we have to update our laws and ideologies. As we are working for companies, must we work for better world, not for destruction. Company’s highest purpose must be higher than money. A lawyer would have work here to redefine the law here. A business man or woman could help to lead that company to a better direction. Jack could make better choices on his day-to-day life.

We need to change our values.

We have to compromise our luxurious third world lifestyle if we want to keep our beautiful planet. This is not only the responsibility of private individuals. This is a change in the way politicians think. A change in the way business people think. A change in the way You and I think.

We can’t be looking for solutions as a side hobby after work. We have to work for a better world. We have to make better choices on private lives and we have to chose politicians who take life as part of our nature, seriously. Destroying life has to be punished and ethical behaviour encouraged. Even when it comes to business.

Please appreciatete the only thing we truly have:


Can you improve the world at your work? How?

Please let me know your thoughts!


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