Traveling to Benin as a Research Subject – Early Thoughs

Beninese vodun ceremony

Attending to ETVAX Vaccine Research I’m attending to an ETVAX diarrhea vaccine research as a test subject. I’m traveling to Benin for two weeks with about 20 other Finnish test subjects. As foreigners, we haven’t been prone to the ETEC bacteria that causes the death of millions of African children every year. I know, this is an interesting […]

7 Lessons of Love

Love lessons

1. True love is (American media) propaganda Anything can happen but it’s better not to blindly believe what American tv-shows tell us. In many cultures romantic love is seen extremely different than in the Western societies today. 2. When Marriage Was Invented, It Was Meant to Last 10 – 20 Years …Which meant a lifetime […]

Cry for the Planet

Human beings are walking into their worst environmental disaster. The climate is heating up. Oxygen levels are decreasing in the seas causing disastrous effects to flora and fauna. Rainforests, “the lungs of the Earth”, are being cut down and desertication is threatening our fields. Polar bears are drowning but even more worryingly, the melting of the arctic […]

Hemmtiin kauneusihanteet


//I apologise to you, my dear English speaking reader: This texts created itself in Finnish. It is about questioning the beauty standards which are often very closely bound to what indicates wealth and what is hard to reach in the current society. Google Translate is a great invention if you are truly curious. I promise that […]

Learnings from the “Terrorist” – Book Review: Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela in front of an audience

During the past two weeks, I’ve been caught up by Nelson Mandela‘s autobiography. As I am a slow reader I preferred to listen it as an audiobook. Nonetheless, it is a book which will stay in my thoughts for long. Although traditional African childhood is surely not too familiar for a Nordic woman, Mandela captured my full […]