How to become Batman? (Motivational)

Batman superpowers

Have you ever dreamed about superpowers? Most people have, at least as a child. Many people would go far to get those powers, like flying, kinesthetics or creating cool things, like fire balls, out of nowhere. What we forget, is that there are other superpowers in the world.

Just like in fantasy movies, some people believe they can learn these skills and some people don’t. The ones who believe in them, are the ones who learn.

There are many of such skills (and I just learned one of them: a handstand). There are many amazing skills and most people don’t know how to do them. By learning them, you push the limits of your body and mind. In my opinion, those truly are superpowers.



Yes, staying fit is a dream of many people but most people don’t see it as a way of getting closer to becoming a Batman or a Catwoman. Most people see training as an extra burden. For sure those folks won’t get fit before they learn another perspective.

You can recreate what it means to be a human. You’ve got this awesome, super developed nature’s and evolution’s creation, called a human body. It’s capabilities are over our wildest dreams.

If you look for sports motivation, think about it as a superpowers: Become stronger, faster, more flexible and learn awesome impossible-looking skills that test the limits of human capabilities. Next time when you go running, imagine yourself as a ninja (that’s what I usually do) or Batman running to distract the bad guys. I’m sure you will beat them with speed and endurance!

You have this one chance, this one body and one life with it. What will you do with it? The question is actually pretty simple. You have two options: Accept it as it is now and be happy or make goals, get there and be happy when you make progress (even slow progress is awesome, possibly even better).

There is no in between. You either are Batman already or you will become one.


Many kids hate the school while many kids don’t have access to school. A bit of competitiveness is good. Flex the limits of your mind. Learn a language which feels impossible to learn (trust me, I’m writing with such a language right now).

Knowledge is like money but in a more sustainable way: The more you know and understand, the more doors will be open for you.

When you learn new things, you are a) fulfilling your human potential and b) more free to do whatever you want in your life. Learning English enabled me to travel the world and get international friends. Learning marketing, enabled me to plan my own digital marketing company, make it a remote job and travel. Learning psychology at the high school helped me to convince, surprise and charm people in dozens of conversations. Talking about something you know about is much more fun than just looking like a mute dumb Barbie doll.

I’d rather pick skills than a lot of money. Skills give more possibilities than money. Material things are assets which you can lose and worry about. Skills are an asset that usually stays with you everywhere. A good mindset is also important. Develop it.

In my opinion, a skilful person is more rich than a wealthy person. He or she also earns my respect. He is probably living much more full life than a person whose only advantage is money. It’s way more cool to be a Batman than only owning a Batmobile. Knowledge is like money but in a more sustainable way: The more you understand and are capable of, the more doors will be open for you.

Learning Is the Most Valuable Asset

Weather it was knowledge, social skills or a handstand, learning it gets you closer to becoming a superhuman. Once you realize that, you shift your motivation from external to internal. Inner motivation is much more efficient when it comes to learning.

Challenge yourself, start new hobbies, push your fears away and enjoy learning. If you fail, enjoy it too. Only brave people fail.

If you know how to learn and want to learn, you can reach things that others are only dreaming about. When you push the limits of impossible, you gain more confidence.

It’s not always easy, but hey, Batman slips from the roof sometimes (it’s just not shown in the movies). The obstacles might look big in front of you but they will look like gifts once you’ve overcame them. You know you’ve gone a long way, and you know how to tackle whatever the bad guys throw at you.

For more motivation, read my article on 10 reasons for doing sports.

Enjoy your superpowers, Batman!

– Marianne,

The kid who loved fantasy novels but grew up to find magic in the world.

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