Are You Destroying Our Society?

People don’t realise it as they are too focused on their every day lives, but some of us are taking part on nibbling away our society. The word “ethical” is often outsourced for others.

Scrolling down my Instagram feed, I found a cool video from a Finnish snowboarder. No surprise, it was made together with Red Bull. Has he ever thought that he’s part of increasing the sales of a drink which makes kids suffer for health issues?Energy drink

Another professional Finnish snowboarder, Enni Rukajärvi, just let down the partnership agreement with the same energy drink company. I must admire her for that. Surely she was offered a nice money, but how much is the value of a soul? How much money do you ask for giving away your principles?

I’m studying marketing so I see this a lot. The same people who are considered about health issues, global warming and conditions of old people, are the same ones who actually advertise those burgers, manage that candy company or sell that irrelevant insurance which has no benefit for that old lady. Don’t just shrug your shoulders now. – That person might be you.

Hesburger hamburgerI was on an excursion in a marketing agency. The agency has made very sucAbsolut vodka bottlecessful campaigns for companies like Absolute Vodka and Hesburger. What bothered me the whole time, was that do these people think about what they are doing. I know many of my colleagues would love to work for the agency. I decided to try my best to get a job where I can utilise my skills for something constructive.

It’s always “the others” who are making business by the cost of us; The kids and their parents who can’t control the eating of that overweighted child, The big corporation founders who utilise low-cost child labour and cut rain forests.

Cube The Movie Poster
If you haven’t seen the movie Cube, I strongly recommend it. Even if it’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen, many years after watching it, I still remember it every time someone tells me about things like the marketing agency example. The idea of it is very much like what I have been telling here.

No one takes the responsibility. Everybody complains about these things on the way to their work where they design that cheap T-shirt. They wonder how to get people to buy bigger meals in McDonald’s and then go home to tell their kids to not eat unhealthy food. I don’t like it that I’m marketed hamburgers or reminded about chocolate as I’m trying to stay slim and healthy. Even less would I like to make those ads.

What are you working for? What is your heritage after your “successful” carrier?

We are like ants carrying around needles everyday like everyone else does. No one remembers what we are doing in the big picture. No one remembers that increasing the sales of hamburgers actually increase the health issues on our society. We are so blinded by money that we can’t see what kind of ant nest we are actually creating with our work.

Am I too much of an idealist?

Well, if you think so, keep on doing your things, selling that extra hamburger for someone whose hospital bill will be paid from your taxes. We might be the ones who make our own kids to eat that hamburger, or our alcoholic relative to drink that bottle of vodka.

I am surely not free from these sins either and I don’t judge anyone. Sometimes there aren’t much choices. Even then, I think it’s important to give it a thought.

Think a bit further. Take the responsibility.

This problem is part of the bigger issue. In our society, money is too often valued over everything. If you wan’t to read more about my thoughts on that, please find my text Yrityksen tavoite on tuottaa hyvää (I’m sorry that it’s currently only in Finnish).

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